‘Malta Bend Is A Roller Coaster Ride’ – Stevie Stone Speaks On New Album, Racial Tension In Interview With XXL

Jul 1 2015

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Stevie believes that just as with anything in life, music is all about balance.

Stevie Stone recently spoke to XXL Magazine in an interview regarding his new album Malta Bend.

In it, Stevie addresses some of the topics covered in the “roller coaster ride” of an album, including the need for a balance between party music and more personal, introspective tracks.

Stevie also gives his thoughts on the issue of racial inequality and more specifically, the recent attention on the confederate flag:

But as far as the Confederate Flag debate, regardless of our so-called “democracy,” what kind of a politician leaves it up to a state to decide on a matter like this? As an authority figure, is that the impression they want to instill? In terms of growth, that’s not the answer. That’s going divide to us even more.

The St. Louis emcee also touches on the creative control he’s allowed at Strange Music, and even confirms a release date for Strangeulation Vol. 2!

Click HERE to read the full interview. 

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