¡MAYDAY! : Adventures Through Time – [WTF!? Feature]

Sep 8 2015


The title Future Vintage got us thinking…

One of the themes that ¡MAYDAY! has addressed in the process of creating their new album is “timeless music.” Music that can stand the test of time, that could be appreciated in any temporal context.

That got us thinking what would ¡MAYDAY! have done in some of the most historic moments in history? How could ¡MAYDAY!’s music have changed the world for the better? Or the weirder?

Well, after a lengthy discussion (and several poorly photoshopped pictures), we’ve come up with a few instances where we kind of wish ¡MAYDAY! had been around, and what might (but probably wouldn’t) have happened…

Setting: Berlin, Germany | 1980

What Might Have Happened: 

Seven years before Ronald Reagan uttered the famous words “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” in Berlin, ¡MAYDAY! shows up to the wall separating East and West Berlin.

Using atomic-powered P.A.’s and the harnessed power of their rock, the crew blows a hole through the Berlin Wall, uniting the two sides nearly a decade early and facilitates hundreds of thousands of badass family reunions…all set to the tune of ¡MAYDAY!.

Berlin Wall

Setting: Washington, D.C. | April 14, 1865

What Might Have Happened: 

Abraham Lincoln goes to watch a play at Ford’s Theater in Washington, D.C., however the planned play is upended when ¡MAYDAY! appear on stage in their chrome DeLorean.

Their upbeat live-band hip hop causes John Wilkes Booth to lose his shit and spend the entire night going ham on the dance floor, missing his opportunity to assassinate President Lincoln and even further strengthening the union.

Lincoln Assassination

Setting: Cape Canaveral, Florida | July 20, 1969

What Might Have Happened: 

After Plex Luthor solves a series of mathematical equations previously thought unsolvable, ¡MAYDAY! is invited to join Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 mission.

Upon landing on the moon, Plex helps ¡MAYDAY! somehow transmit sound through the vacuum of space, inviting advanced alien lifeforms with their insanely dope tunes, in turn propelling mankind into a technological renaissance, allowing us to join a galactic federation & insuring the eternal prosperity of mankind.


Setting: Hill Valley, California | November 12, 1955

What Might Have Happened: 

¡MAYDAY! happens to replace the Starlighters, the group that ends up being Marty McFly’s backing band at the Enchantment Under The Sea dance.

With their help, “Johnny B. Goode” becomes a neck-breaking funk-freestyle. Marvin Berry stands in the crowd in awe, and calls his cousin Chuck Berry, holding the phone up to the futuristic sounds of ¡MAYDAY!, forever changing the landscape of modern music.

Back To The Future 2

  • Was this as ridiculous as you thought it would be?
  • What other historical events would have been hilarious?

Leave us a comment (or hate mail) below! 



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