‘A Great Stepping Stone’ – Stevie Stone Speaks With Twiztid About The Difference Between First Record Deal And Strange Music [Audio]

Jan 29 2016

Interview - Ashtrays & Action Figures

Twiztid spoke with Stevie Stone about his first record label, headlining his first tour, and his overall love for music.

In preparation for the ‘Be My Bloody Valentine Weekend’ that Twiztid and Stevie Stone will be playing together, Stone hopped on Twiztid’s radio show Ashtrays & Action Figures. Stone gives insight into his first record deal with Ruthless Records as a “stepping stone” to Strange Music and what sets Strange apart. He also speaks about headlining his first tour, and, unrelated to music, his favorite action figures he grew up with.

Stevie Stone comes on at the 18 minute mark.


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