‘Singing Has Always Been In Krizz’ – Stevie Stone Talks ‘GO’ and Upcoming Tour

Mar 29 2016


The hype is real for this album.

We’re starting to get closer and closer towards the release of GO, Krizz Kaliko’s highly-anticipated upcoming release. After revealing the track list, we see a plethora of features from Strange Music artists, all included on “Orangutan”. However, we see a familiar name with a solo feature – Stevie Stone.

He had a chance to sit down with us to discuss their collaborative track, “More”, along with describing his excitement for the upcoming Independent Powerhouse Tour.

Did Krizz Kaliko approach you with the concept for your part when you created “More”?

Yes, he did. He actually wanted for me to create the intro, the outro, and his adlibs.

How do you personally feel the song turned out?

It turned out dope. I love the record. Kaliko’s whole album is amazing. This record is a different texture, combining my voice and his. They complement each other really well. It just works. It’s a formula that works, and we know that. So, we always work together.

With Krizz taking a new turn on this album, did that affect how you guys put together the tracks? Did you go about it differently?

Nah – singing has always been in Krizz. That’s what he does. He’s just giving the fans more of it now. We’ve been talking about this for a minute. Everybody knew it would be phenomenal.


How do you think GO is different from other Krizz albums?

He poured a lot of his heart into this album. Not saying that he didn’t on other albums, but every single song – you could tell there was a lot that went into it. He said he was going through a lot at the time of it. That always brings out good music. He’s got an album full of smashes, if you ask me.

What are your favorite tracks on the album?

It’s such a dope album so it’s really hard to pick. But, I love “Behave”. Just a personal favorite of mine. “Outta Line” is crazy. It’s such a phenomenal record. All the transitions and everything, it’s a beautiful work of art.

I’m actually on another joint called “No No’s”. He came to me on that one. I think he was trying to get Lil Jon at first. I was in the studio, because I’m living here in KC now, and he was like “Stone, try this”. So, I went in there and did it, and that one came out crazy. I don’t think I’m on the credits for that one, but that’s me on “No No’s” (laughs).

Let’s transition into the tour. That’s kicking off next week – what are you most excited for?

For one, all of us getting back together. It’s been forever since we’ve all been together. I’ve never gotten to tour with Rittz, so that’s gonna be dope. Just all together as a unit and label. This tour – it’s gonna be one of the best tours this year. I could definitely guarantee it’s gonna be a volleyball match full of energy. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, ¡MAYDAY!, Stevie Stone, CES Cru – we comin’!

What’s the best part about the VIP Experience?

You get to meet the whole label at once. Not the whole label, but this group that’s been put together. That’s something new. I’ve taken a look at the VIP, and I’m buying one myself. It’s dope.

Have you had any favorite moments from the VIP Experience and Meet And Greets?

We meet a lot of people, so it’s hard to pin-point, but it’s always good when we go to Colorado. The fans are real rowdy. Even before the Meet and Greet, people are chanting and screaming. I don’t want to exclude anybody, but I’m just eager to go back out and feel that energy.


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