‘I’ve Got To Do My Thing’ – Rittz Talks Independent Powerhouse Tour [SM Exclusive]

Apr 11 2016


Rittz has big expectations of himself while hitting the road.

Going to a Tech N9ne tour is undoubtedly a great time, especially when you get to see the talented roster Strange Music has to offer. One artist that continuously gets people on their feet is none other than the fluffy-haired, tattoo-covered Atlanta rapper, Rittz.

Before he hit the road and just a couple weeks after the announcement of his newest album, Top Of The Line, he sat down with us to discuss the pressure of his performance slot, along with what fans can expect before hitting their local venue for the Independent Powerhouse Tour.

What is your favorite part of the tour experience?

I love to tour and I love to be on stage. I have a lot of anxiety about touring, most of it comes from being hot on stage (laughs) because I rap so fast and I’m running around.

So, my favorite part is when I’m done and everyone is appreciating the show. I can really soak it in. When I’m on stage, I’m rapping like I’m soaking it in and I’m confident, but the whole time I’m talking in my head like, “Just get through it, you’ve only got fifteen more songs to go”. So, that’s my favorite part – to know that you put on a good show. Then, I can look back at it.


How do you think this tour will differ from the other tours you’ve done with Strange Music?

I did one tour with Strange in 2013, but I don’t know what to expect. I know it’s going to be different for me because my career has come a lot further since then. I’m a little higher up on the totem pole, I guess.

No disrespect in any way, but I’m coming on right before Tech. I’ve got to put on a good show for these people. Coming on right before Tech, I’ve got to do my thing. I think I was going on second the first time, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but that’s going to be the difference for me.

Besides that, it’s just traveling with these maniacs… and I have to deal with Godemis. Who wants to deal with him? (laughs)

We know you have your upcoming album, Top Of The Line, on the way. Can the fans look forward to hearing new tracks while you’re on the road?

For sure. My album comes out while I’m on the road. So tracks will be coming out and everything will be popping off soon. It’s always a weird feeling too, cause you’re on the road and don’t realize that your new music is finally hitting the fans’ ears. You start seeing them at meet & greets and they start hearing your new songs. So, it’s kind of hard to soak in. It’s a big deal. Kind of crazy that it’s going to happen this way.

What food spots are you excited to try on the road?

Ah, man. Food spots. I think we’re going to New York. Any time we go to NY, it’s goin’ down. Austin, Texas, New Mexico – there’s so many. Honestly, that’s all I do. I think this tour, I’m going to eat a lot of granola and diet. Just lose a lot of weight (laughs). I highly doubt that.

Anytime I go to any state, I like to try the dishes they have there. Whatever is popular there, that’s what I’m into doing. I just had some Jack Stack here. Any time you come to Kansas City, you’ve got to have the BBQ.

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