LISTEN: Rittz Talks ‘Top Of The Line’ With Independent Grind [Audio]

Apr 7 2016

Rittz - Indie Grind - BLOG

Just yesterday, Independent Grind aired an exclusive interview with Rittz, letting us in on what we can expect from his upcoming Top Of The Line, releasing May 6th. In the interview, Rittz lets us hear everything about the album from the recording process, to the influence behind naming it Top Of The Line.

“My homie Rowdy Bizzle came over, had his camera on Chico and Chico was like, “basically, if you ain’t fuckin’ with Rittz, you ain’t top of the line!” Basically, it means that when it comes to rap and what we do, this is top of the line.”

After listening to “Ghost Story” and “Propane“, can you really disagree with Chico?

You can check out the full interview below:

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