Couple Name Daughter After Stevie Stone’s ‘Remedy’ [Fan Feature]

May 9 2016

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If you’re following Stevie Stone on Instagram or liking him on Facebook, the following story may sound familiar.

Just about a month ago, Stevie took to social media to share the incredible experience he had at the Independent Powerhouse’s stop in Clifton Park. During his meet & greet, Stevie was approached by Jesse and Danielle Stout, long-time fans of Stevie Stone and Strange Music. The two had been to multiple meet & greets before, but this time was particularly special. In their hands was a photo of their 9-month old baby girl, Remedy, named after Stevie Stone’s hit song.

Stevie was so excited about the Stout’s incredible story that he asked for us to reach out and find out more about them, so we gave them a call.

Check out what they had to say!

Starting off, tell us a little bit about your guys’ background. 

Jesse: As far as I’m concerned, I’m now AGR (Active Guard Reserve). I’m now active duty for a national guard unit, which is actually local to us here in Pennsylvania. I drive about an hour to work. I pretty much take care of the National Guard unit, since they’re only part time. I take care of the unit during the week, taking care of the soldiers if they need anything. I’m usually home around 5:30-6:30 at night. I’ll let Danielle tell you more about her day.

Danielle: I’m actually home with my girls and our son most of the time. In the mornings, I get up, get our kids ready, and get them off to school. Then, I’m home with our two little ones. We have four total – it’s very busy (laughs). Normally, I’m just doing mommy stuff. When Jesse gets home, I’m a coach for All-Star Cheerleading and do tumbling instructing down at the gym. Then, I usually get home at 9:00.

Getting into Strange Music, how long have you guys been fans of Stevie Stone and Strange Music?

Jesse: I’ve been a big hip-hop/music fan all of my life, as was Danielle. I was the guy that went to Best Buy every Tuesday when the releases came out and would grab three or four CD’s, regardless of what it was. A year or so had went by and I saw the name Tech N9ne on the Anghellic album. It looked a bit weird to me, but I put in the album driving home and was blown away by it. Shortly after that, I tracked down Celcius and The Worst. I’ve just been listening to Strange Music since. When I met Danielle in 2010, I gave her two CD’s to listen to. One of them was New Kid CominHe wasn’t on Strange at the time, but he was the first Strange artist that she was introduced to. My love for Strange Music was passed onto her and we took it to a whole other level.

Awesome. So, you’ve been with Strange pretty much since day one?

Jesse: Yeah. I’ve been with it from the jump. I’ve actually been to 13 VIP’s throughout the years.

Cool! So, talking about your daughter “Remedy”, how many names did you cycle through before settling on that one?

Danielle: When Stevie Stone came out with “Remedy”, I fell in love with that song. No matter what the situation was, that song was always stuck in my head. We just had our son, but thought if we ever had a little girl, I would like to name her “Remedy”! He was like, “Why? Because of Stevie Stone?” (laughs). It wasn’t because of Stevie Stone, but because of that song. It just means the world to me. When we actually finally planned another one, we actually lost it. The second time we tried, we ended up having her. Honestly, we hadn’t even thought about the name anymore because we had just figured it was going to be a boy. We previously had a boy, his brother just had a boy, and it’s all boys in the family.

We were going to name him Darren because Jesse’s middle name is Aaron, so we were just going to change it up a bit. We went to the ultrasound place and found out that she was a girl and of course his mouth just dropped. We were both a little bit upset at first, but started trying to find a name because we had been planning on a boy. One day, I was driving around and “Remedy” had come on and I was like, “Wait a minute, I definitely told him that if we ever had a little girl, her name was going to be Remedy”. I sat down with him and was like, “Look, I told you a while ago that if we ever had a little girl, I want to name her Remedy”. He just looked at me (laughs). He asked me what the middle name would be and it we went with Marie. So, we went with it.

We heard briefly about your guys’ interaction with Stevie at the most recent meet & greet, but can you tell us a little bit more about his reaction?

Jesse: After the meet & greet, he said he had wanted to talk to us. He leaned in a couple of times and said that our story had touched him and he got teared up about it. He was super emotional about it all – it meant something to him as well. I told the wife, “Next time Strange is in town, we have to bring her to the meet & greet, at least.”

Danielle: Even at the meet & greet, he didn’t even really know what to say. I think he was blown away. I remember putting his hand over his mouth. Of course, I was crying! Tears just kept rolling down my face. He was definitely blown away. It made my day, as well as Jesse’s.

I’m sure the feelings were mutual. Did Stevie have a chance to play “Remedy” at the show?

Jesse: Oh, yeah. We’re always some of the first ones up to the fence, in the front of the crowd. He told everybody, “This song is for these two guys here”. He said that this song was for us. I tried to get a video of it so that we could keep it forever. The footage I got was really choppy, but he definitely dedicated the song to us. Danielle was there crying as he sang it.

Is Remedy a fan of the song?

Jesse: Oh, she hears it enough (laughs). She’s only nine months old, but I’m sure that once she starts talking, she’s going to be singing it.

Danielle: Every chance I get, I’m singing it to her. She’s hearing it all the time.

That’s cool. To wrap things up, is there anything else you’d like to tell everyone?

Danielle: If you can get it to Stevie, just tell him how much he and Strange Music mean to us. Everyone (on the label) is just so amazing.

Jesse: You know, he had us meet him at the merch booth and bought my wife a t-shirt and everything. He’s just a super humble person. We really appreciate him. With being overseas a lot, Strange Music has gotten me through a lot of tours over there. Me being apart from our family, I’m sure Strange has helped her out a lot as well. If you could stress that to everybody, it would be appreciated!

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