Tech N9ne Signs Fan’s Arm And 24 Hours Later It Became A Tattoo

May 12 2016

If you’re familiar with our website or follow Strange Music in general, you’ll know that fan tattoos are a common occurrence amongst thee Strange World.

The label receives numerous fan tattoos on a weekly basis, including tats of the snake and bat logo, a lyric from CES Cru, or Tech N9ne as Fallout‘s Pip-boy. Latest to join the club is Lisa Seifert, who had the chance to meet Tech at last year’s Summer Jam. During their meet & greet, Tech signed Lisa’s arm, which may seem like an unusual spot for a signature. Little did we know, within the next 24 hours, Lisa would get that signature tattooed – and it looks awesome!

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  • What are your thoughts on Lisa’s tattoo?
  • Do you have any Strange ink?

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