Bernz & Jarren Benton Talk ‘Outta My Brain’ Music Video

Jun 1 2016

With his solo debut See You On The Other Side releasing July 8th, it’s officially Bernz season.

To kick off the summer, Bernz released his first single from the album, titled “Outta My Brain” featuring Jarren Benton. Now, we have a visual to experience one of Bernz’ daydreaming sessions. Luckily for us, we were able to catch up with both Bernz and Jarren to get their input on what went into the video.

Check out what Bernz had to say!


What up, world! Here you are on the set of my first video for my first solo album. The song is called “Outta My Brain” and we’re here at Extreme Racing. As you could tell, we’re doing some extreme fucking racing. I’ve got Mr. Jarren Benton here, I’ve got the whole video crew from Strange here, and I’ve got the homies coming through. This is the first single and it’s like the Summer time anthem!

So, what is the video about?

It’s really about daydreaming. It is like, having a mundane job and you daydream, you go to the coolest place on Earth. For me, would probably be this place and some of the other places, which you will see later on.

Who put the concept of the video together – you or the video department?

It was a combination of the two. We talked it out and we saw what we could do and what fit the song. We wanted something that was high energy.

Did you have any major influence on how the video was put together?

I can not say I did. Actually, I told them that it has to look like a Flo Rida or Pitbull video. It is a happy song, but obviously reformatted into the Strange center. It is a fun track – it’s a crazy track. I wanted a twisted, high energy, and cool video.

Describe the character that you play, if you do play a character.

I am just playing myself, really. I’m playing myself when the verse hits. During the hooks is when I am playing who I was before I was a rapper. The dude that would just sit at the window and pretend to work – kind of like what you guys are doing now! Just hoping that I would be somewhere else.

What is your favorite part of shooting the video?

You know, I went to film school. So, I love every part of the film making process. I love editing and love sitting in the editing room. I love being in the studio as well – I’m a studio rat. So, I think it has to do with sitting and creating. Making some fun stuff out of it. I love shooting and editing but not preparation. That part sucks.

Now, for Jarren Benton’s input:


Describe the character that you play in this video.

Well, the character I play is Bernz’ boss. Bernz is basically always daydreaming and I am always on his shit. That’s me. Anytime he daydreams, I end up in his dream, fucking shit up for him. That’s me.

What’s your favorite part of making music videos?

My favorite part of making videos is working with directors that already have their shit together, so you can just show up and shoot the video. That’s the best part to me. The worst part? When you work with directors in Atlanta, GA that do not have their shit together and you basically end up setting up the video yourself.

Is the process of how we make videos any different than the one’s you’ve encountered in the past?

Um, I’ve never done a video in Kansas City, so that’s different. Not really, though.

What do you want for people to get out of the video?

I want for them to get great chemistry, man. I had fun doing the song. When Bernz sent me the track, I was like, “the beat is fucking crazy, the hook is crazy, and the verse amazing.” So, I hope that they get the mutual great energy that we put into this track. I hope that they get that out of the video.

Last but not least, Jason Cantu gave us some input from the director’s standpoint.


So, give us a brief rundown of the concept for ‘Outta My Brain’

The concept of ‘Outta My Brain’, when I had first heard the song, we had talked about several things. We had a short time to put it together, but I felt like the song was about summer fun. I had talked to Bernz a little bit and he was like, “I just see Motocross. I see motorcycles flying and doing all this stuff.” There were three verses, of course.

There were two that Bernz had and one from Jarren. I thought I should break it up into three different fun summer things that you do with your friends. So, we chose motocross, we chose parachuting, and go-karting. Then, the flip side of that was about how adults have lost their summer fun, because they work through the summer. Through the hooks, that’s where they’re working, wishing that they could be doing something fun instead of working all day. But, the video is coming together. I can’t do it without my crew. We have a team mentality – it’s a big part of getting these things done.

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