‘I’m Always Trying To Absorb Everything The World Is Giving Me So I Can Develop Myself’ – Mackenzie Nicole Speaks With Her Source

Jun 16 2016

Her Source interview - Mackenzie

Mackenzie spoke with Her Source about growing up with music, advice to those pursuing a career in music, and what her music means as an art form.

For those unfamiliar, Her Source is part of The Source, with the mantra of: Music, Art, Entertainment, Fashion, Beauty & Pop Culture for Women from a Hip Hop Perspective. Mackenzie eloquently states the meaning behind her art:

What message are you trying to send the world through your art?

I’ve never made art for the world to consume, I’ve made art to consume the world. In other words, I don’t have a specific message I’m trying to give the world. Rather, I’m always trying to absorb everything the world is giving me so I can develop myself and my art into something experiential innovative. If I had to choose something for people to take away from my music, I just hope that it causes them to consider something, to think, if even for a moment. I want the music to be equally as experiential for me as it is for them.

— Mackenzie Nicole

The full interview is well worth the read.



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