Rittz Talks ‘Top Of The Line’ and Career With HipHopDX

Jun 6 2016

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From White Jesus to Top Of The Line Rittz talks to HipHopDX about the road to his newest album. 

Rittz sits down with HipHopDX to discuss the tolls of hitting the road, signing with Strange Music, and what went into the creation for his third album with Strange Music, Top Of The Line. Rittz also takes a moment to speak about his amazing fans and favorite collabs.

HipHopDX: I remember reading something last year where you did something amazing for fans.

Rittz: Yeah there was this girl in my hometown. A tree had hit their roof and on the news, they had shown a poster of mine. I just wanted to go to their crib and turns out I knew the person. I talked to the little girl and gave them some gear and stuff like that. I just try to look out like that. This guy was just coming home from Iraq and I surprised him at a party. I just try to do anything that I can. I think the music helps save people too. Hopefully, that’s helping too. That’s what it was. Got to get on the news a little bit.

Check out the whole interview HERE.

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