‘I Haven’t Been Live On Stage For 6 Years!’ – Big Scoob Discusses ‘H.O.G.’ & Upcoming Show With Hot 103 Jamz

Oct 19 2016


Big Scoob chops it up with Hot 103 Jamz about his upcoming album.

November 4 is quickly approaching, meaning big things are coming for Big Scoob. With the release of H.O.G. just right around the corner, the big homie talks to KPRS host Playmaker about the concepts of his new album.

Big Scoob discusses the message of his album, explaining how his age has given him a shift of the themes of his music.

“I’m getting older, man. I’m starting to become aware of more than just my neighborhood, more than just my selfish needs. I’m starting to become aware of how the kids perceive me and the message I should give to kids… I’m trying to accept my role as I get older.”

After explaining the different tracks and features involved on his album, they move on to the upcoming Hot 103 All In Black Party. That is when Big Scoob reveals that he has not performed live on stage for 6 years! He is ready to bring his energy, so this will be a show to remember.

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