LISTEN: Big Scoob – Soul Musik [Audio]

Oct 26 2016


Big Scoob shares a piece of his personal playlist in “Soul Musik”.

The release of H.O.G. is right around the corner, and Big Scoob is continuing to showcase what his album has to offer. Following his latest collab with Mackenzie Nicole, Scoob flexes his grasp on all styles with the melodic “Soul Musik”.

Referencing a multitude of artists he admires, “Soul Musik” opens up listeners for a history lesson with the Big Dog.

Here is a quote discussing his new track from our Strange Music exclusive interview:

“Next project should be even better. I’ll be able to show a lot more of my talent, a lot more of where I draw from. I’m talking about ’60s and ’70s music, soul music – it’s such a big part of my life. It’s the soundtrack to my life. I’m always playing Curtis Mayfield. I always have that playing in the background. I just want to show that. The same way Tech does with Jim Morrison – he lets you know that’s what inspires him. This is why I do what I do. I would love to show Curtis Mayfield, all my influences, the reason why I’m so into this music. I have a track on this album called “Soul Musik” that kind of dives into that a little bit.”

– Big Scoob


After hearing that track, check out Scoob’s Soul Musik playlist on Spotify, comprised of all the references in his song.

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