WATCH: Big Scoob – Walk The Line (Feat. Wrekonize) – Official Music Video

Oct 12 2016


Big Scoob releases his first visuals from his upcoming album, H.O.G.

Scoob tells his own story in “Walk The Line”. He speaks from the heart, touching on the painful realities that face black men and women living in America. Big Scoob wrote down his thoughts and feelings as he began seeing violence unfold on the news all too often. Fellow label-mate, Wrekonize, lent his production and vocals, forming a heavy hitting, yet somewhat mellow tone.

Big Scoob presents powerful imagery throughout the music video. Scenes cut between him watching the news with friends and family, walking along the center line of a road, and Scoob standing in front of a display of TVs with an American flag draped over his shoulders. Though we have our own interpretations of the imagery Scoob chose, he has left some of the video’s meaning up to the viewer.

  • What symbolism and imagery did you take away from this music video?

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