‘Music With Pain In It’ – Wrekonize Talks His Work With Big Scoob

Oct 26 2016

On a project where Scoob strictly wanted to make music for himself – music he likes to listen to, he had to find solid producers to fulfill that sound.

One of the producers amongst that bunch happened to be Wrekonize of ¡MAYDAY!, and if you’ve heard “Walk The Line”, you’ll know that he fit the role Scoob was looking for perfectly. In order to hear more about how “Walk The Line” came about, we had the chance to chat with Wrekonize earlier this week.

Check out what he had to say below!

I know Scoob got beats from a variety of people, but how did you guys initially link up?

He actually hit me up about a month or two before we did “Walk The Line”, to see if we had any beats. But at the time, we were on the road and finishing up our last pre-production stuff, so, I was swamped at the time and wasn’t able to send him anything. Once I got back home, I had seen that he was working with Stevie and was back in the studio so then, I was hitting him like, “yo, I want to get you some joints”. I sent him a folder, he gave me some feedback, and I sent him back a joint that I had made and was able to hit it on the head.

That track hits pretty heavy, the video too. Did Scoob tell you what he wanted? Or did your beat just line up with his vision?

I had actually already made the beat. I did have him low-key in mind, but specifically for that one, I wasn’t like, “Okay, what can I make for Scoob”. But he did hit me up after the first folder of beats, saying what he was looking for was struggle music – music with pain in it. He gave me a description and a couple of terms so that’s when I sat down with that beat that I had already made and wrote the concept for the hook.

I have to ask, when you’re making a beat and it’s one of those immediate hits, do you ever find it difficult to give it up to someone?

Oh, yeah. For sure. “Fragile” in a sense was one of those for us, too. We had it before we had spoke to Tech about it. It was a possibility for a ¡MAYDAY! album. I loved it, but I realized that it would be better for Tech. So we kind of just let it go. I think that’s how it is for ¡MAYDAY! – never being too attached to the music. We’re always going to make more beats and songs. So, instead of being greedy with something, we just go with whatever will make the most sense.

It seems like you’re getting more into production. What’s it like to step away from being on the mic and focusing on making beats?

I like it, man. It’s exciting because I haven’t really done it all that much on my own. With ¡MAYDAY! albums, I have produced some records and have brought some beats in that became something that people would get on. It would turn into something that began with something that I had made. Beats that I’ve totally produced from start to finish on my own, I don’t get to do that very often. So, it’s something that still excites me. My dream is to produce an entire album of my own from start to finish, but it’s going to be a while before I get comfortable enough for that.

Last time we had talked with Bernz, he was saying that there might be a ¡MURSDAY! sequel. Is there anything you want to say about that?

Yeah, there’s talk right now. The ideal plan for me right now is to do a solo album next year and then follow it up with either a ¡MAYDAY! project or a ¡MURSDAY! sequel. Now, I’m seeing about planning those dates for sure on Strange’s side and then just trying to map it out from there.

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