MURS Sets World Record For Continuous Rapping

Oct 13 2016


Photo cred: lookatlen

Staying awake for 24 hours is difficult enough. To rap for 24 hours straight seems impossible, but MURS accomplished the impossible.

During his 24 hour rap marathon, MURS performed a setlist comprised of his originals, a “Classics” set that includes Public Enemy, Nas, Black Moon, and Atmosphere, an all West Coast set, and a set dedicated to A Tribe Called Quest and Wu-Tang Clan. Check out the full setlist here.

MURS’ 24 hour rap marathon was streamed live via his Twitch channel as well as Boost Mobile’s YouTube channel. Those viewers who were watching on Twitch were able to hear a brand new, unreleased song called “Frank Grimes Is Dead” at the very end of his stream. In the song, MURS hints at bringing back Paid Dues, hip hop festival started by MURS in 2007.

One benefit of Twitch is the use of donations, where viewers can donate money to MURS’ channel. The money raised from donations is being used to help pay for the medical bills of two friends of MURS, Lennard Macaranas and Chiedu Onwughalu, both of which have medical bills of $50,000.

Throughout the stream, some fans were confused when MURS would take a short break. To clarify, the rules allow him to take 5 minute breaks every hour in order to hydrate, eat, and use the restroom. The breaks could be stacked, if MURS wanted to continue rapping (For example, if he wanted to skip his first 5 minute break, he could stack it onto another break later on).

You can rewatch history right here!

We have also put together a playlist of (almost) all of the songs he performed during his marathon. Check it out below:

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