Big Scoob Talks About His Comeback To Music With HipHopDX

Nov 7 2016

Big Scoob’s H.O.G. is now flooding the streets, blaring from the speakers of a Monte Carlo near you.

With H.O.G. being the personal project it is and Scoob getting back into the rap game, we all have a lot of catching up to do. In order to let us in on what he’s been up to lately and his thought process during H.O.G., Scoob chopped it up with HipHopDX. During the interview, Scoob elaborates on his return to music, what he’s been doing during his off time, working with children, and why rapping isn’t always the best dream to have.

“I speak at these boys homes for troubled youth. I try to tell them right from wrong. Everybody wants to be a rapper. It used to be everybody wanted to play sports, now everybody wants to be a rapper. People are misinformed. I try to tell them it’s a job that doesn’t pay too well.”

– Big Scoob

Click HERE for Big Scoob’s full interview with HipHopDX!

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