‘Every Time I Do A Song, I Want To Give You A Piece Of My Mental’ – Big Scoob Talks Killer Mike Feature

Nov 4 2016

Big Scoob’s H.O.G. is finally out and to add to the celebration, we bring you the final installment to our most recent interview with the Big Dog.

Did you know Tech N9ne and Big Scoob used to be in a rap group together? In the interview, Scoob talks being the first Strange Music artist to get a Killer Mike feature, bringing back 57th St. Rogue Dog Villians for one of his H.O.G. tracks, wanting to stay in his own lane, and more.

We’re going through the features, and here is one of the biggest deals on this – you’re the first artist on Strange Music to get a Killer Mike feature. This is huge because he has got all the buzz from Run The Jewels and everything, but it seems like everyone on Strange Music had been chasing him for a feature, and you landed it.

Well, like I say a lot, that’s another thing people don’t know about me. I’m knowledgeable about current events. I read a lot, I get into this, I check this out. I’m not a sheep, so I have my own opinions about things. This whole election thing, with Trump, Clinton and Bernie Sanders, it had my attention for a hot second, I’m over it now. But I enjoyed how the brother, Killer Mike, handled himself with Bernie Sanders. I’m watching it, I’m watching what he’s doing and seeing what he’s doing. I’m like, “I need to do something with him.”

I’d already wanted to do something, but I couldn’t figure out what. So once I seen that come about, I reached out to Bumpy Knuckles. I don’t know if you know, legendary Bumpy Knuckles, Freddie Foxxx. I reached out to Foxxx, man, and I got him on it because I knew Foxxx’s aggression and he tells the truth. I knew he was gonna say some shit that sparks it. Then I come in, then Mike finishes it off. I actually missed my date because of Mike. He’s a busy man, and I believe his son got sick so you gotta respect that. I’m not shooting shots, I’m just saying. Missed my date waiting on Mike, but glad I did. Got the verse back – should be a big song.

It’s not a party song at all. It may hurt a few people’s feelings, but it’s truth. He did his thing, I believe I did my thing, Freddie Foxxx, you know, he gon’ always do his thing.

I want to bring up “Intoxicated”, because I know you went online and said, “This is for the folks that wanted the ‘Let’s Get Fucked Up‘ type of track.”

“Let’s Get Fucked Up”! It’s a song we created that we did not know it was gonna be the monster that it became. I have a lot of fans that won’t move past it. That was the greatest song to them of the time, and it still is today. Motherfuckers still come to me like, “You need to put that out again!” I’m like, “Fuck that. Let that song be what it is.” We’ve made new songs! You still can find it, so if you wanna hear that motherfucker, you go listen.

We shouldn’t put it out again. We shouldn’t remake it, don’t touch it – it is what it is. It’s a classic. I hear that all the time, and I haven’t done music with my Rogue Dogs, 57 R.D.V.s – I haven’t done music with my Rogue Dogs in a minute. We was working again, Bakarii, Mr. White Bear. They are ready to work. So I’m actually trying to get Tech to come around to do another project. “What better way – let’s work! Let’s do some work.” I called him in, we did a couple tracks.


I got one with Mr. White Bear called “Here 2day, Gone 2morro that I was trying to get Rittz on, but he had to go to Australia, I missed him. I got Boogie on the hook, a hook I wrote for Boogie to sing, and Krizz Kaliko came in and did an intro, bridge, and outro. The song’s amazing. But back to “Intoxicated”.

It’s the old 57 R.D. feel. We talk about how we in the club, we drunk as a motherfucker, we’ll fuck you up, we’re rowdy, nobody wants us to be here, but y’all can’t stop it. When we say nobody, we mean the promoters, the club owners, you know. It happens sometimes. It’s that old feel. It’s that aggression, that raw “We here, we in your face, deal with it or get fucked up.” That’s how it is.

You made this album for you. Obviously, people are going to listen to it. What do you want them to pick up from it?

Basically like you said earlier, I have an ear for music. I’m not in style, I don’t do what Tech does. I’ve always said the beauty of a label, the beauty of a group, the beauty of a gang, is everyone brings something different to the table. If everyone brings the same shit to the table, I don’t understand the beauty of it. I enjoy what Tech does, I don’t want to do it. I do what I do, and I’m not doing it because that’s all I can do, I’m doing it because that’s what I like. I want people to understand that this is me.

I’m not trying to do what Tech does, I’m not trying to do what Drake does, I’m not trying to do what 2 Chainz, what Busta Rhymes… every one of those guys I named is dope in their own rights. That’s what you do! I wanna do what I do. I don’t wanna do what’s in style, I don’t wanna do what’s popular, I wanna do what Scoob does. When you turn on a Scoob track, I want you to know this the shit Scoob do. With those first two projects, I didn’t think I got that across. I was just doing songs. I wanna do music, I wanna show people what I do. This is what I bring to the table.


Every time I do a song, I want to give you a piece of my mental. This is the shit like “Here 2day, Gone 2morro“, living out this liquor bottle, losing homies filled with sorrow. This is real shit – this ain’t just making a song. When I write shit, it’s shit I’ve done, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, or I’m doing it. It just happened. A lot of shit I write about is 10-15 years old. A lot of shit just happened yesterday. I just want motherfuckers to know through my music this is me.

When I say I wear my heart on my sleeve, that’s in my real life. You either hate me or love me, there’s no in-between with me. I’m kind of a big, aggressive motherfucker. You either hate it or love it, there ain’t no in-between with me and that’s how I want my music like. If you hear my shit and you love it, I’ve got some shit for you. If you ain’t fucking with it, I can dig it.

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