WATCH: Tech N9ne Tells Hot New Hip Hop About His Return To Grittier Beats [Video]

Dec 14 2016


The Storm is not just a culmination of everything Tech N9ne has done since his first album, it’s also a journey back to his past, to his roots.

In discussing his new album, The Storm, Tech told Hot New Hip Hop that each level of the album has a different theme: Kingdom, Clown Town, and G Zone. Each level reflects a different aspect of his personality. Kingdom is “where all the narcissistic music is”, Clown Town has “more zany music and is a little bit darker”, and “G Zone has songs like ‘Buss Serves’, ‘Buddha’ and ‘Anywhere’.”

He also said he wanted to return to a grittier sound when choosing beats.

I had to go back to the The Calm Before The Storm because The Calm was a lot more gangster. Gangster-type music, grittier music. In choosing my beats [for The Storm], I made sure they were banging and gritty.

– Tech N9ne

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