Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin Talks Touring, Plans For 2017, And More With Pollstar

Jan 26 2017

With all the speculation of the direction Strange Music is heading this year, Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin sets the record straight in recent interview with Pollstar.

Ever since the calendar hit 2017, Strange Music has been rolling out new content and plans for 2017. In order to go further in depth into what the company’s plans are, Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin sat down for an interview with Pollstar.

So we’re just very active in independent music, independent hip hop. But the label is broadening because we are also venturing into the pop world in a very big way right now with three different acts. AboveWaves is one of them. This young lady named Mackenzie Nicole is another. And Darrein Saffron out of St. Louis, who is mind boggling. He’s the most talented kid I think I’ve ever experienced. But he’s more of an R&B artist.

So we have a lot of things in the plan. Right now Tech is always at the front of it all, because he’s earned it. But in the future I think you’ll see other acts come up through Strange Music that may far exceed the level of success that we’ve had with Tech.

– Strange Music CEO, Travis O’Guin

Check out the full interview with Pollstar HERE.

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