WATCH: Fik-Shun Performs To ‘Fragile’ On NBC’s ‘World of Dance’

Jun 20 2017

Source: Mat Hayward/Getty Images North America

Whether you are in a dance troupe or just a little tipsy on a Saturday night, songs like “Gumbo” or “Erbody But Me” are irresistible; you hear ’em, and you have to bust a move.

The slower, more, emotionally-charged cut, “Fragile” is not the typical toe-tappin’ tune, but that’s what makes Fik-Shun’s performance so amazing.

On a national stage on NBC’s World Of Dance, in front of judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough, Fik-Shun (who has performed to “Fragile” before) translated the passion and precision of the original tune to a different medium with his fiery, flexible performance; he definitely did the cut justice!

Check out the clip from the episode which airs tonight and be sure to keep an eye on Fik-Shun as he dances his way through the competition.

World of Dance airs Tuesdays 10/9c on NBC!