Bernz Talks Creation of ¡MAYDAY!’s New Tune “Airplane Mode”

Jul 26 2017

Ever borded a flight, sat down, got all settled and ready for takeoff, only to have to sit on the tarmac for what feels like forever?

Though it’s really only been a few weeks (and a few video shoots) since the Search Party announcement, with the excitement of the first formal ¡MAYDAY! effort in two years, that’s how it felt waiting for “Airplane Mode.”

To get a better idea of how the uniquely-flavored effort came together, we got Bernz,one of the track’s co-pilots on the loudspeaker for a quick breakdown.

Get your tray tables in a locked upright position and let’s take off!

Can you tell me how “Airplane Mode” came about? 

The hook was written by Stige, who has been on a bunch of ¡MAYDAY! projects, and the beat was from The Pushers. I had actually tried to work on the song a year ago but wasn’t able to get it for my album; it was always in the back of my mind.

For this album I asked if anybody had taken it and luckily nobody had so I went ahead and wrote to it.

It was originally a weed smoking song. “Get high by myself,” you know, airplane, fly high; it was a simple metaphor. As we started to toy with the subject matter a little more we saw there was a cool, deeper concept and ran with it.

We wrote the verses and changed the hook a little bit, taking it out of the heavy weed vibe and going a little more with like disconnecting with society.

You guys have worked with the Pushers a lot, no?

¡MAYDAY! and the Pushers have a long rapport. They co-produced “Fragile” with us; we’ve worked a lot. Our sounds have been molded by each other. I feel like they are unofficial members of ¡MAYDAY!.

What made you guys want to have this be the first look from the album?

I think its refreshing we came out with this one first. I feel like its a really catchy song and it’s different from what happens to be out at the moment.

I think the obvious choice, being it’s a summer album, is to come out with the “dance” track for lack of a better word. It’s gonna make more of an impact because it’s not your usual summer song.

Wrek teased the video last time we talked, can you tell us more about it?

The video is super dope. We shot a mini-movie where a few videos all connect together and with “Airplane Mode,” we’re on a plane, it’s going down and we could careless.

Do we survive? Stay tuned.