¡MAYDAY! Survives Grueling ‘Search Party’ Video Shoots & Reveals Single Title

Jul 14 2017

A few weeks ago,¡MAYDAY! announced their new album, Search Party, and the release date (September 8th). Momma taught me never judge a book by it’s cover, but the movie poster-esque artwork is about the best introduction to an album you could have.

How can you look at this and not get all juiced up?!

Continuing the theme of getting me super hype for Search Party without dropping any music, Wrek, Bernz and Nomz have been posting pictures from their recent trip to Kansas City, where they shot four videos in six days!

Between the cinematic artwork and music videos, Search Party is shaping up to be a monumental album!

I’m coppin this #SEARCHPARTY

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Out here. #SEARCHPARTY #Repost @mrbitcheskc ・・・ Once was lost with @maydaymusic #searchparty

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Good morning 🌾

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Quick still from Day 5 video #4 #BetterPlace #SEARCHPARTY is officially on its way guys. Love You ALL

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😩 #FilmLife #HurryUpAndWait #RunGetTheShot #BeenUpSince4

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Today got me like….. #Tired #UpSince4

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May or may not be listening to the album final right now. #SEARCHPARTY

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With sunrise call times, battling the brutal Kansas City summer weather, and fighting off snakes, the ¡MAYDAY! crew didn’t have much time to share any insider information–could Bernz’ “#BetterPlace” allude to a song title?

However, before they headed back to Miami, Wrek was kind enough to summarize the exhausting yet rewarding trip and even gave some insight into one of the songs that would get visual treatment.

We came up to Kansas City to shoot 4 videos in 6 days with aspirations to do something we’ve never done before in all our years of producing music videos. Not only did we accomplish that goal, I think it’s some of our best visual work to date.

We did something we’ve never done before and drew up a story to tell with these videos from the album. “Airplane Mode” which is one of our strongest singles is the anchor to this story and has an ambitious plot line that reminded me of the feeling I had when we shot “I’ll Be Gone” years ago. 

With video shoot wrapped up, cover art, a release day, and the “album final” with a single already in mind, it shouldn’t be too long before we get all of the Search Party details!