Tech N9ne Adds To The N9na Collection!

Mar 8 2019

New music from the chairman of Strange Music is here, with two songs from the N9na collection.  “I Caught Crazy! (4Ever)” & “EDI’s” are available to stream everywhere! The former cut, providing an honest look into the psyche of  Tech N9ne, while the ladder, an ode to edibles,  provides some levity. While the content in the songs is different from each other, they both represent classic Tech N9ne, showing Tech’s range.

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N9NA Collection 2! I’ve been rapping my head off for 33 years so I’m like, why am I going to keep making songs about how good I can rap? They already know. So, I started tapping into my body and thoughts, my soul and everything what makes me different, what makes me the Lord of Weird. What makes me is life experiences and mistakes and the will to do crazy shit…risk your life doing ignorant shit and realizing that you caught crazy a long time ago. Knowing that you're comfortable with it. Then I thought about how many people can relate to that. I’m afraid to say it out loud because the first step is admitting you're crazy in some kind of way. It can be girl crazy, crazy for money, it can be mental illness in some kind of way. The way to embrace it is to treat it, the best way to treat it is to speak it out loud for people to interpret. It just hit me one day, I Caught Crazy! And it’s gonna be that way forever. So, I give you "I Caught Crazy! (4EVER)" and "EDI's" streaming everywhere, including @spotify ! Listen, enjoy! N9na Collection 2 is here! I will be back with more insight for "EDI's"!

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