UBI of Ces Cru Unleashes The Explosive ‘Under Bad Influence 3’ EP

May 31 2019

Ubi is a very conscious, razor-sharp emcee and these four songs that make up Under Bad Influence 3 definitely prove that. With “Lock Load Shoot” being the first song on the EP that was released, it really sets the tone of the other three songs. The fast-paced and bust-the-door down beats provide UBI  the platform to take his creative mind to the next level and keeps the momentum going throughout the entire project.

The series also has amazing guest appearances from the likes of Strange Music’s own King Iso & Godemis as well as a few outsiders in Jarren Benton & Locksmith. A Ces Cru reunion would, normally, be the big take away, but with Locksmith, Benton, and ISO, along with two solo efforts from UBI, it’s impossible to pick just one standout track! Under Bad Influence 3 might just be the best offering in the series to date, and we know UBI ain’t slowing down, so stay tuned!

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