Mackenzie Nicole | “Heart of Darkness” | Official Music Video | OUT NOW

Jan 20 2020

"Heart of Darkness" Single Artwork

Last Friday, Mackenzie Nicole dropped the first single from her twelve song upcoming album “Mystic”.

This song was inspired by Mackenzie’s favorite piece of literature, Joseph Conrad’s 20th Century Novella, “Heart of Darkness”. The novel centers around the colonization of the Congo during the 1980’s. While Mackenzie does not consider her process to be anywhere close to that degree of evil, she found connection within the concept of a foreign power coming into her life and devastating it.

The word “colonize” fully embodies the alien invasion that completely changes your way of life. Your living scape. Your mind state. Your livelihood. There is this violent ravaging of your entire self when the darkness and the negativity reaches you. “Run, run run! It’s too late for you to run and hide.”


Innocence is stolen. Corrupted. Taken advantage of. Killed. And by the time you realize what’s at stake, it’s too late. This is the story of “Heart of Darkness”.

For more about the song, watch the video above where Mackenzie and album producer Seven talk about the production, writing and full story behind it!