Jehry Robinson – Backburner | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO – OUT NOW

Feb 12 2020

Following the well received EP “20/Twenty – Chapter 1”, Jehry’s newest single “Backburner” has not disappointed. With a smooth Saxaphone melody looping in the background, sparse piano comps and modern trap beat, the track masterfully combines chill production with Jehry’s aggressive flow. Rapping about his struggles with poverty, difficulty at school and being labeled as a failure, Jehry shares about how he fought back to get to where he is today.

Forgive me for flashing this thing on my wrist. But it feel so good when you came up with shit. My mother and father thought I was a dick. Cuz I had no car or no place I could live (woah). But now I’m just chillin just reppin my team. My efforts allow me a second to breathe. You don’t know my story you don’t know my life. You don’t know what it’s like to go to the bank. And not have a dollar for all of these hours.”

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Through his constant drive to find who he is and how he would succeed, Jehry discovered his passion for music. The power of creating with his own two hands. Finding that he had an innate talent for writing, melodies and rythm, he quickly began to build his career from the ground up.  “Backburner” is his way of finally hitting back at all of those people who didn’t believe in him. People who counted him as down and out. Another individual lost in the masses of the overlooked.