Tech N9ne Two-Part Interview With Jabari [Video]

Jul 27 2009

During Tech’s venture to California for the 2009 Rock The Bells hip hop festival, he had a chance to sit down for a two-part interview with Jabari, an online-television host from

Jabari’s first question was one often-wondered by industry-folk all over: with such a small presence on mainstream radio, how do you sell out so many shows?

Tech breaks down the hard-fought creation of his fanbase, explaining that his fans are real fans–not ones lured to his shows by a watered-down hit or over-bloated promotional budget. Tech might not be known by Justin Bieber fans but any MC that’s worth his salt is well-aware of Tech. Why is this? Tech explains simply: “because we got flow!”

The second part of the interview features Krizz Kaliko. Krizz breaks down his musical background and explains about how he got into rap. Tech goes on to explain the future of Strange Music, explaining the motivations behind K.O.D., and also even addresses the issue of health care in America.

In an additional clip Tech has a message for all the DJs out there: “Real music, man: people request it. You play it DJs. Get my story out there. I’m going to be knocking at your door!”


Tech N9ne’s special message to DJs.