Does Profile On Tech N9ne–The Businessman

Apr 17 2010

When one thinks of Tech N9ne the first thing that comes to mind is “MC,” but with the success of Strange Music at an all-time high, it’s getting harder to overlook Tech’s business acumen. While Travis O’Guin is CEO, Tech N9ne is Executive Vice President, responsible for signing artists and giving the final say to all the business decisions that Travis runs by him. did a write-up Tech the businessman, going over the duties of Tech N9ne when he’s not performing or making records. One of the highlights of the feature was Tech discussing how Strange treats all of its artists:

“When people weren’t being true [in my career], it let me learn what not to do when it came to my artists. Or to be 100 with my artists and not be shady … hide money, do all kind of stupid shit. To have Brotha Lynch Hung over here, happy; to have Krizz Kaliko over here, happy; Kutt Calhoun over here, happy; Cognito over here, happy; Big Scoob over here, happy. That’s a big thing. Means we’re doing it right. It lets me sit back and say ‘Yes, I did something correct.’ “

Despite Tech’s dedication to the business side of things, one thing is never going to change–Tech is an artist for life, as he explains:

“Music is in my veins … in my bones. I don’t think I’m ever gonna be able to stop until I die man. I tried to stop around Killer time. I’m 38 years old, and move up there like I’m 19. I’m getting stronger. My hair’s getting longer and I’m stronger. I’ma keep moving until my ankles don’t work no more.”

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