Tech N9ne Films Music Video For ‘O.G.’ From Upcoming Collabos Album ‘The Gates Mixed Plate’

Apr 29 2010

Strange pulled out all the stops for the video shoot of Tech N9ne’s latest single “O.G.” from the upcoming collabos album The Gates Mixed Plate. The shoot started at the Independence, Missouri location of Kansas City’s legendary Gates Bar B.Q. Passersby probably thought they were driving by a car show, as the parking lot was full of tricked out cars ranging from low riders, trucks, SUV’s, and a variety of luxury cars including Travis O’Guin’s Bentley, Rolls Royce Phantom, and Maybach. The first shot taken was of Tech and his fellow Strange Music artists Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, and Big Scoob along with a crowd of eager participants–all getting down and partying in front of a fleet of upscale automobiles. Liquid 9 had the shot set up with a crane that swooped up-and-down and side-to-side as Tech lip synced his verse. The mood was festive despite incessant noise-complaints from surrounding neighbors and all the fellas and ladies who showed up to be in a Tech N9ne video had a great time. Krizz Kaliko definitely added to the party with a dance number on roller skates that he performed with friends that was shot for the video.

After the shoot at Gates was wrapped, Tech and the Liquid 9 crew went to downtown-Kansas City to film Tech riding through the streets in O’Guin’s Rolls Royce and Maybach. Travis drove and followed Liquid 9’s SUV, which had a camera pointed out the back, capturing Tech as he soaked up the city in the passenger seat, spitting the lines to his song.

Not to end there, Tech, Travis, and the crew drove all the way to Lawrence, KS to film the final scene. Scouts picked out a long country road with a hill that frames beautifully with the sunrise in the early-morning hours. Strange Music left no stone unturned and filmed the final golden-hued take of the convoy’s appear-ance through the barren road. After the shoot was over, Tech, Travis, and the rest of the Strange Crew drove like bats-out-of-hell back to Kansas City to get some well-earned sleep after proving that Strange and KCMO can do it as big as anybody else. Look forward to the video arriving in June along with Tech N9ne’s upcoming collabos album The Gates Mixed Plate set to drop on June 17.