Tech N9ne Featured On Wyoming’s K2TV [Video]

May 23 2010

Strange Music cohorts Tech N9ne and Cognito were featured on Wyoming’s news station K2TV during their time in Casper on the Strange Days Tour. The two conducted an interview with weekend anchor Neema Vedadi on the Strange Days tour bus. Tech N9ne discusses the benefits of being on an independent label, stating “the major labels kept wanting me to be somebody else and I cannot be anybody else–I must be myself.” Tech N9ne gives advice to those watching: “You have to celebrate life, ’cause people are trying to blow this place up over money, you know what I’m saying? So you have to tell the people you love, you love them.”

Cognito is introduced and talks about “Outcast,” the first single from his his Strange Music album-debut Automatic. The spirit of the single is definitely under the independent train of thought, as it isn’t your typical dance-and-party number. Cognito explains the message of the song and who he wrote it for: “For other fans and kids out there, that might be an Outcast like I was growing up–that didn’t have that kind of recognition or weren’t noticed as much. [It] brings me joy when we do a show like in Wyoming, or Denver, or Seattle, wherever we go to where they’re singing it and when they come up and tell me that this has touched them that much–that means more to me and that’s basically what makes my life complete.” Cognito adds his advice for the audience: “Look, you can be poor, broke, black, white–it doesn’t matter what you are–if you want to do it, go get it.”

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