Kutt Calhoun’s Five Favorite Spots In Kansas City

Jun 16 2010

Kutt shared with us his Five Favorite MCs Of All Time, but why stop there? We also asked Kutt Calhoun to name five of his favorite locales in hometown Kansas City. Here’s what he had to say.

(In no particular order)

1. Houston’s (4640 Wornall Road)

Probably the most popular location of the mini-chain, Houston’s on the Country Club Plaza is the kind of place where no matter what you end up ordering, chances are it’s going to be good. Burgers, sandwiches, fish, steak, the menu is your basic American fare but made with the highest quality ingredients from local growers. Kutt says:

“Houston’s is a nice spot to get away to. It’s elegant and classy and they got the best steak I’ve ever tasted. It’s called the Hawaiian rib eye. You get that with the loaded baked potato and the fried shrimp–man, it is so good. You got to try it. You know how you go to TGI Friday’s and they got the Jack Daniel’s sauce? The rib eye comes with it’s own sauce that’s killing Jack Daniels.”

2. America’s Pub(510 Westport Rd)

Located in Kansas City’s Westport entertainment district, America’s Pub is a good place to party, dance, and drink. With a sound system that’s always thumping to an ever-present crowd on the multi-level dance floor, it’s not exactly the spot for a nuanced conversation, which is all the better if you’re just looking to wild out on the town.

“Westport–if I want to go out I like to go Westport. America’s Pub lately has been poppin’. It used to be a spot to where you didn’t want to go to, especially if you were a black man because they played a lot of techno music. There’s nothing wrong with techno music, it’s just not my cup of tea. Now it’s turned into an urban spot to where they play music that’s appealing to me. If I want to get out that’s the type of environment I want to be in. America’s Pub is one of the spots where you can go and have a nice time. They show me love there and play my music. It’s a nice spot to go to.”

3. Club Zen (3832 Main St.)

An upscale hip hop club located near Westport, Club Zen is a place where you can dance or chill in a more posh environment than your usual dance club. The red hues of the interior, chic decor, and VIP rooms with available bottle service definitely lend to the sophisticated vibe.

“Another party spot. It’s smaller and more personal and I like that personal touch. It’s kind of packed. I’m not a big dancer, I’m not back in high school no more, but they dance all night. Around midnight is when it starts poppin’ and from twelve to whenever they turn the lights on you have kids dancing there nonstop. I like the atmosphere. I’m up in VIP behind a glass window or whatever but I like the atmosphere and I like the environment. I get treated well up in there. They have good drinks too. Yeah, Zen is poppin’. It’s very small and it’s very packed but the environment is a good environment for me.”

4. Cinemark Palace At The Plaza (526 Nichols Rd)

Everyone loves the movie theaters but what makes Cinemark Palace so special? One, the location is nicely located within walking distance of the multitude of shops and restaurants nearby, and two, Cinemark Palace offers VIP rooms to where you can eat and drink from a restaurant menu, have a waiter or waitress attend to you, and allow you to enjoy the movie with your feet up on a leather recliner.

“I haven’t been down to the new AMC theaters at Power and Light. I hear it’s immaculate. That’s where I want to go but I can’t name it because I haven’t been so the closest to it that I’ve been to is the Palace on the Plaza. I like going to their VIP room where you can eat, drink, and be comfortable in the lounge-sized seats. They’ll bring you like a six-pack and a bucket of ice. Me and my woman like to go and watch movies there. You know I’m a big movie watcher. I like to catch all the latest stuff that’s coming out so that’s definitely a place.”

5. Macy’s (18809 E 39th St S)

The nationwide retail store has many locations, but the one at the Independence Mall is the one that suits Kutt the best. Always a fan of fashion, Kutt goes to Macy’s to get a lot of his shopping done.

“I’m a big Coogi wearer nowadays–Coogi and Crown Holder. Crown Holder is like the upscale of Coogi. With Crown Holder you’re going to get yourself a pair of jeans for like two-fifty ($250) to where Coogi might only be eighty-nine to ninety-nine dollars. I’d say Von Maur down at the Legends but I haven’t been there yet. I want to go because I like Burberry and shit like that.”