Big Scoob Spills His Guts On Twitter [Social]

Jul 14 2010

Big Scoob, while taking a break from writing material for his upcoming album Damn Fool, decided to share some information to all the fans following him on his Twitter. Scoob left some rather private information, though it was all appreciated being a fan of Scoob for years– this was the type of stuff fans have been wanting to know about Big Scoob.

Here are the tweets Scoob made on the evening of July 5th…

“Aiight ima take a break frum writin & let u know sumthin else about me u may not kno! I haven’t eaten beef r pork for goin on 16 yrs!!!” (Posted July 5th)

“Aiight sumthin else about me u may not kno! I use to b a yung out of kontrol thunder katt!!! gone off sherm stiks(PCP) daily!!!!” (Posted July 5th)

“Aiight sumthin else u may not know bout me! I havnt smoked sherm or weed for about 10yrs now and I’ve never taken extacy in my life!!!!” (Posted July 5th)

“Aiight last one so I can go bak and write. I been jumpd on stumpd,hit wit briks, bottles& Ive been shot! But Im still here,it mus b a reason” (Posted July 5th)

“Aiight one more thing about me u may not kno! I’m usually spoke of as being a violent person! UNTRUE I jus handle violence extremely well!” (Posted July 5th)

“RT @missvee80: @therealBigScoob so all ur adoring fans can hear what u got 2 say that’s y u here 4 our entertainment and great fuckin music” (Posted July 5th)

Anything else you wish Big Scoob would’ve shared? Is twitter the best place to share these types of stories?