Kali Gets High in Denmark [Social]

Jul 13 2010

Kaliko, despite his dope track on Genius, “So High”, is not a man who is known for actually smoking weed, but on his latest trip to Denmark, Kaliko did just that. Kaliko mentioned his smoking weed experience on Twitter through various tweets sent on July 5th, which was a couple days after himself and label mate Tech N9ne performed at the Nibe Festival in Denmark. Kaliko left the following tweets which kept his followers on twitter wanting more info about his high experience…

“Just smoked some Denmark weed at a hippie park/party It was great I didn’t freak out. Looks like I gotta new drug” (Posted July 5th)

“I usually get paranoid on weed this shit made me feel great! I’m hit it again they call it christonia out/doe” (Posted July 5th)

“I really don’t smoke that much weed ever but I’m drunk & high as fuck in skandinavia or how ever u spell it damn!” (Posted July 5th)

“RT @blanksugar @KrizzKaliko I’ve heard there’s a strain for everyone. Maybe you found yours…. 🙂 I did” (Posted July 5th)

Have you ever smoked weed in a foreign country? Did it help you relax or did it make you paranoid?