Look Back: A Year With ‘Genius’ [Social]

Jul 16 2010

It’s been a year now since the release of Genius. Some of you may be replaying the title track in your head right now and that’s okay because even after a year, a time that plagues many artists as a time when their album becomes stale (sure, you could name several exceptions), Genius still remains, well, genius in many people’s eyes. A post on Kaliko’s Facebook page asked: “it’s been a year since the release of ‘Genius’ what do ya’ll think about the album?” and fans were quick to respond. Listed below are a few of the comments…

“It’s fucking awesome.” Iain A Monk

“If it’s possible then i would say it’s better than fucking awesome.” Jake Gilchrist

“Still bumping it and still diggin it.” Terry E. Browning

“Back Pack is hella gangsta and Tech is a Genius on Happy Birthday!” Bobby Sylvester


And with much speculation of the announcement for Kaliko’s newest release, Shock Treatment, a fan also commented:

“look at his proflie pic it looks like a new cover for a new album” Chris Page

What do you think of Genius?