Tech N9ne ‘The Gates Mixed Plate’ Signing At Best Buy [Video]

Jul 28 2010

Fans lined up around the entire floor (all the way back to appliances) of the Independence, Missouri Best Buy to get a chance to meet Tech N9ne for The Gates Mixed Plate album signing. We had a chance to interview a few of the eager fans that waited for their chance to meet the Kansas City King. Also we stumbled on a video of Big Scoob and Krizz Kaliko exchanging an anecdote during the signing. Click here or watch below.

Jessica, 22, Kansas City, Missouri

Strange Music Blog: So what are you doing out here at Best Buy today?
Jessica: I’m going to get Tech N9ne’s autograph for a girl that lives up in North Dakota.
SMB: No kidding?
Jessica: Yeah, she’s been to like every single Tech N9ne concert up in Fargo and she’s like a huge Tech N9ne fan–but she’s from Kansas City.
SMB: Uh, why did she go to North Dakota?
Jessica: To go to college. She’ll be back in December.
SMB: Fair enough. I’m from North Dakota so I just had to ask. Anyways, what do you think Tech N9ne means to Kansas City?
Jessica: He’s just an amazing rapper. He’s putting Kansas City on the map and I absolutely love all his music. My girlfriend is probably one of his biggest fans–that’s kind of the whole reason we’re up here. She’s like “Please go get his autograph!”
SMB: And what’s her name?
Jessica: Her name’s Jessica.
SMB: Ah Jessica and Jessica. Well thank you! Enjoy!
Jessica: Thanks, you too!

Gage, 13, North Kansas City

Strange Music Blog: What are you doing out here at Best Buy?
Gage: Getting all my shit signed by Tech N9ne!
SMB: Dope. Now when I say “Tech N9ne” what comes to your head?
Gage: Awesome.
SMB: How long have you been a fan?
Gage: Three or four years.
SMB: What do you think he means to Kansas City?
Gage: He means everything I mean, he’s the best–and the number one independent rapper in the world.
SMB: Thanks man have a good one.
Gage: You’re welcome.