Tech N9ne Two-Part Interview With Music Bliss

Aug 3 2010

Music Bliss, an online urban interview website, conducted an interview with Tech N9ne during his time preparing for his recent spread in XXL. The interview is very long and in depth, featuring quotables such as “I see naked ladies through my eyes.” The interviewer starts off with a very original question: “put yourself in the crowd at one of your shows; look up on stage, what do you see?” Tech N9ne gives an animated answer:

“Oh my god man, great question. I see a crazed clown man, and not in a bad way, in a crazy wicked way; a crazy clown on stage makin’ the whole crowd say (breaks into a freestyle) “K.C.MO OOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOO”. I’m in the middle of the mosh pit and everyone is bumpin’ me, but they smilin’. So I’m thinking we about to fight, but we can’t fight, because this is a family affair; and I’m looking up on stage and there’s this dude spittin’ these lyrics so hard and crazy that I start bumpin’ people back. I’m moshed out. It’s crazy, I see something energetic, I see something ambidextrous. I see TECH N9ne!”

Tech goes on addressing issues such as his biggest regret, the deaths of Mac Dre and Fat Tone, collaborations to look forward to (Raekwon and Royce Da 5’9 to name a few!), and even reveals the title of his next album. To read the entire interview (which Tech refers to as one of his “favorite interviews ever”) click here.

In the second part of the interview, Tech is on the tour bus in Detroit on The Strange Days Tour. Tech talks about the tour, the craziest things he sees, what inspires him to tour, and the origin of his face painting. Click here to read part two of the interview.