‘Shock Treatment’ Collaborative Review With Strange Music Blog Contributors

Sep 27 2010

Jim, Slevin, Soroush, Zach, and Alisha all participated in a group review of Krizz Kaliko’s Shock Treatment. We have recovered the transcript. This is it.

Jim: So first question, what does everyone think about the album in general? Remember, you can be as honest as you would be in confession.
Soroush: It’s pretty awesome.
Slevin: In general I would say that the album as a whole, sonically, conforms to what the pop culture norm has become over the last few years, but kicked up a notch with a new angle as far as the lyrics go.
Jim: I would agree, and while it isn’t my favorite album in the world, I’m finding myself getting into it the more I listen to it, which is weird coming from a pop album. You would think it would get more tiring.
Slevin: It definitely has earworm capabilities.
Soroush: Well said Slevin.
Zach: I was initially a little worried about this album because of the pop descriptions and stuff, ‘cause I like harder shit, but it turns out that I like the album a lot and a lot of the songs are growing on me (even the poppier ones).
Jim: Yeah, that’s the thing about this one, earworm capabilities and growing on me. It definitely does conform to a lot of what’s going on, but Kali couldn’t fully conform if he tried. I mean I could see Gaga on some of these beats or what not, all synth-heavy and shit. There’s more synthesizers on this album than a beaver has sticks.
Zach: I got a Gaga vibe from “Get Around” and “Rejection”.
Slevin: It is SUPER synth heavy.
Jim: I got the Britney Spears vibe from “Get Around”. That song sounds like “Womanizer” to me–same swing and feel with the beat.
Zach: That too.
Soroush: Yeah, and I think it’s great that Krizz is sticking to his hardcore roots but still switching it up a bit.
Jim: That’s the thing about Krizz: you’re not going to know what to expect from the dude. He’s crazy. He’ll try anything.
Slevin: Which can be cool when done right. I probably would’ve gone a little “spacier/futuristic” with the production.
Soroush: Not me.
Zach: “Get Active” sounds like Outkast meets old-era Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Jim: Dude, I wanted to get to that song. That’s my favorite song on the album, and Krizz’s as well.
Slevin: “Get Active” is definitely wild.
Soroush: I have a problem with the song.
Jim: The shit just bangs and it’s not like anything you’re hearing these days. What’s your opinion, Soroush?
Soroush: Sometimes it fells like there is too many sounds going on at times, but I still enjoy it.
Zach: It’ll definitely an awesome live song.
Jim: That song makes me want to speed in my car.
Soroush: You just have to do something when you hear that song.
Slevin: It makes me want to do curls while doing my girl doggystyle and looking in the mirror.
Jim: Slevin, you dog.
Zach: It makes me want to run around naked.
Jim: This is awesome. Krizz will love that I’m sure. Anyone else got their own favorites from the album?
Zach: My favorite is “In My Dreams”. I like the dark ballad feel to it, and I love Brotha Lynch so that song really stands out for me.
Soroush: My favorite chorus is “Skally Wag”. That chorus is a beaaastttt.
Zach: I like the dark ballad feel to it, and I love Brotha Lynch so that song really stands out for me
Jim: Yeah I’m listening to “In My Dreams” right now. Really hypnotic ish.
Soroush: Feels like your floting on a cloud or something. I like lynch too but I didn’t feel he gave 100 on “In My Dreams”.
Jim: I actually didn’t like Skally Wag that much at all, that song is just…too sleazy. It reminds me of a dog in heat but like, with rabies too.
Soroush: hahaha
Slevin:” In My Dreams” is dope. Lynch’s verse is tight for sure. Scoobs verse didn’t really tell the same story as the other two. That kind of threw me off. Don’t tell him I said that he’ll probably beat me up and take my girl.
Jim: I can’t BELIEVE that he made a song called “Skally Wag”. I mean shit.
Zach: It’s pretty catchy.
Jim: Skally Wag, man I don’t even remember the last time I heard that phrase. It was probably when I played Monkey Island or something. (Alisha enters the room) AW SHIT LISH IS IN THE HOUSE.
Slevin: CHICKS!!!!!!
Soroush: He actually introduced me to that phrase
Jim: It’s a pirate thing.
Alisha: Sorry, I JUST got home.
Jim: It’s quite alright.
Slevin: I’m slevin. I love you.
Jim: We were just talking about our favorite songs. I dunno if Slevin took his meds today so you might have to ignore some of his comments.
Alisha: lol
Zach: “Hard Core” is probably my 2nd favorite song on it, love that shit.
Jim: “Hard Core” is good.
Soroush: Yeah it’s good….I just can’t get into Stevie Stone.
Jim: You can’t get into Stevie Stone? Dude I think he’s dope. Gruff-voiced homie.
Slevin: I’m not really feeling this Soroush dude.
Slevin: Just playing man, it’s all subjective.
Jim: Well…we have to debate.
Soroush: Well Stevie has good lyrics and all but his voice pisses me off a bit.
Jim: Ah. Not into the raspy gangster?
Soroush: I’m into all that gangster but the raspy thing bugs me a bit haha.
Alisha: I’ve only heard “Hard Core” and “Elevator” but liked them both.
Jim: Well that’s good you liked them both. I actually don’t mind Elevator. It’s getting some haters but I think it’s decent.
Slevin: I have a question… “Stripper Dance” is so slow, who the hell wanna go to a slow-dance strip club?
Alisha: Slow is sexy!
Jim: Dude, I’d rather have a stripper slow grind on me.
Zach: I thought “Elevator” was really mediocre when I first heard it, but it’s grown on me.
Slevin: I wanna see that booty poppp.
Jim: LOL…Same here Zach, “Elevator” took a minute but then i was like “okay…I can vibe with it.” Alisha please tell us what you think about slow vs. fast sexual encounters. Slevin seems to want it…not slow.
Slevin: ROUGH!!!
Alisha: hahaha
Soroush: Elevator is great.
Jim: Soroush really likes the elevator.
Slevin: ROUGH!!!!!!
Jim: Do you like the music video? I thought it was pretty good.
Slevin: Only slow if i want something
Jim: Slevin…you’re such a pervert I don’t know how you were ever allowed out of your cage.
Alisha: it’s all in the moment man! Naw really though, “Elevator” is definitely not their best work.
Soroush: I would rather have a music video for “Freaks”.
Jim: What would you guys have picked as the single?
Slevin: I would’ve picked a different single.
Jim: Alisha, what do you think is lacking in elevator, or why don’t you like it?
Soroush: “Simon Says” would be a great single. The worst possible single would be “Stand By”.
Jim: I agree I think Simon Says would’ve done alright.
Slevin: “Get Around” or “Rejection” I think would’ve been received the best as singles. “Elevator” third.
Jim: “Get Around” would’ve done well with stupid teeny boppers yes and club chicks.
Slevin: EXACTLY.
Zach: Yeah.
Slevin: MAD MONEY!
Jim: I forgot how much I liked “Alive” too, it’s really sleazy, but in a way I dig. It reminds me of Nine Inch Nails.
Soroush: Can i just say that Tech was a beast on this album?
Jim: Yeah, Tech ripped it on every verse, like even harder than usual.
Zach: I was going to say the same thing about NIN
Alisha: [About “Elevator”] I liked it. It’s just not new and fresh. I’m the kind of person who wants to hear something exciting, especially when it’s Tech. Like someone already said, it was just mediocre, wasn’t what I expected
Jim: That’s why I liked “Get Active” so much. There’s nothing really out there like it that I’ve heard. It’s quite the mash up.
Slevin: “Alive” is dope and different.
Zach: Yeah, it’s a good sound. I think the chorus on “Ack-A-Donkey” is way too repetitive.
Slevin: Guys I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys, This is Kali Baby! NOT Slevin, Ya’ll have been great.
Jim: Any other glaring things about the album that you guys didn’t like?
Jim: SLEVIN! You fucking liar. Don’t listen to him.
Soroush: hahaha
Alisha: lmao
Jim: I could sense gulps all around the world.
Soroush: HAHAHA
Zach: Shit just got real.
Alisha: I feel like the kid that came to class without her homework.
Soroush: What did ya’ll think of “All Gas No Brakes”?
Zach: I forgot to mention how much I like the 816 Boyz song on this one.
Jim: Well there you go.
Soroush: The best 816 Boyz song so far.
Zach: The “all gas, no breaks” part in the chorus is infectious.
Slevin: “All Gas No Breaks” is funny.
Soroush: The best verse goes to Kutt. I felt like I had heard Tech’s verse somewhere else before.
Jim: Kutt can do that. I remember how much I liked his verse on “That Box” the other day.
Slevin: I like when 816 Boyz throw one together. They’re always good for a comedic break.
Soroush: And Makzilla did well for his debut!
Jim: He’s rapped before (“FU Pay Me”).
Zach: Yeah that song really takes a funny turn at the end.
Jim: Damn I’m listening to this now and fucking Tech is ripping it. I just heard the line “pump that gas in her ass and she’s sure to cream.” Lovely.
Soroush: If Tech does this on his new album, I think it would beat Everready.
Jim: I have big expectations for Tech’s next release. He got a lot of shit for Gates because people think he sold out. He’s going to come back really pissed.
Zach: Probably
Alisha: A pissed Tech is my favorite kind
Jim: Yeah the “Industry Is Punks” Tech is dope.
Slevin: I want to hear more from Kali and Lynch. I feel like that duo, with their musical and production backgrounds and attention to detail could REALLY change things. A Cannibalistic Pop??? Who can handle that?
Jim: Anyways, we’re about to wrap this up.
Slevin: We need to recruit more people for this next time, I’m going to tell all of my friends. Alisha what about you? Do you have any hot friends who want to write reviews for my album?? —Kali
Slevin: Jesus Slevin.
Zach: “Stand By” is a great closer for this album.
Jim: I believe so too. Stand By is one of my favorite tracks. That smoothed-out Rhodes beat is nice.
Slevin: Agreed stand by is dopamine. I like that too, they did a nice clean job of panning that Rhodes.
Jim: Anyone got any favorite verses?
Soroush: “In my Dreams” Kali’s verse.
Zach: I like Kali’s verse on “In My Dreams” as well, and I also like his last verse on “Hard Core” a lot.
Slevin: I poop on “Hard Core”.
Jim: My favorite verse would be Tech’s off of “Freaks”.
Slevin: Mine too Jim.
Jim: Word Slevin.
Slevin: You wish you were Slevin.
Jim: I do.
Soroush: Tech’s “Simon Says” verse was better in my mind.
Slevin: ^^^this guy????
Jim: Yeah, it’s a great verse there too but I just like the way he flowed on “Freaks”.
Soroush: I just “feel” it more. Least favorite song?
Jack: “Skally Wag”
Zach: “Get It Girl” is probably my least favorite
Soroush: “Get It Girl” here too. I just like the way he sings the chorus on “Skally Wag”.
Jim: Before we go I want to know why Alisha doesn’t like elevator.
Alisha: It just wasn’t as explosive as I expected
Jim: Well there you go.
Zach: That song gets stuck in my head whenever I go in an elevator now
Alisha: I wanted it to be exciting and fresh. It was kind of bland, like you waited to get to that exciting part and it just didn’t come. I was just going to say that though, I was at the Phoenix airport this morning and it popped into my head as I got on the elevator haha.
Slevin: I have to say that “Hard Core”, “Simon Says”, and “Skally Wag” have poop in their teeth.
Jim: Anyone have anything to say about the album before we peace out?
Slevin: The album was good. But next time he’s going to do a Hip Pop album, he needs to try and be proactive to pop culture instead of reactive to what’s going on all over the place.
Zach: It’s a good album with a lot of diverse sounds.
Slevin: SLEVIN!