Brotha Lynch Hung Interview With

Sep 8 2010 recently took the time to conduct an interview with Brotha Lynch Hung. The interview covers the origin of Lynch’s name, his artistic progression under the Strange Music mantle, and his feelings on modern-day hip hop. Most intriguing was the latter topic, in which Lynch explains:

“Well, I think the happy-feet rappers — I guess everything is cool to keep the genre going. But, I could never really get into that. In my opinion, I think they make it harder on the real artists. Mainstream is going to pick up those one-hitter-quitter artists all day. You know what I mean? I try not to be like one of those one-hitter-quitters. It also made it harder on us, and it led some of us to having to do more grimy stuff. It kinda killed it (lyricism) a little bit. But, I feel like a survivor in any weather.”

Part two of the interview delves into more personal matters for Brotha Lynch Hung. He discusses the death of his cousin Q-Ball, the death of his mother, and the birth of his daughter.

Click the following links to read the entire interview: Part One and Part Two.