Guvera Sponsoring The Independent Grind Tour

Sep 14 2010

It is fitting that Strange Music’s Independent Grind Tour is sponsored by an up-and-coming company that is also set to rewrite the obsolete rules of the music industry: Guvera. Guvera is a site for downloading music from your favorite artists…for free. The Austrialian-based company explains on its website:

“Guvera has spent several years negotiating rights all around the world and designing this new system to make music free by having advertisers pay for our downloads.

As an added bonus we have removed the very concept of ‘Disruptive Advertising’ and replaced it with ‘Engagement Advertising’.
What that means to you and me is we have removed the white noise of irrelevant crap being thrown at us – and now we only see brands that are actually speaking to us, as opposed to everyone seeing everything.

You’ll see when you experience Guvera – You select the brand that will pay for each piece of music you search for, then you visit their channel and discover a whole bunch of other music that may be interesting… then you channel hop, this is how you discover new music, all the while not being interrupted by ads you cant click past and now, you simply enjoy the music.

Best yet, those artists that create all these goodies we download will be paid in full for the inspiration they make for all of us.

And if that’s not cool enough, film & TV isn’t too far behind.”