Tech N9ne Murder Dog Interview

Sep 8 2010

It seems that despite the all-time success of Strange Music, Tech N9ne’s ride in the music business is just getting started. Tech N9ne recently had the time to give an interview to Murder Dog magazine where he touches on how far he has come and how far he still has yet to go. The interview highlights his recent trips to Europe to perform for huge crowds (of Tech N9ne fans), the possible signing of Jay Rock, and even drops a few hints of what’s in store for his upcoming solo release All 6s and 7s.

Tech N9ne’s reaction to praises from 50 Cent:

“I’ve never met [him]. He’s just talking about us and it made me feel good, that somebody of 50’s caliber would be talkin about me.”

Tech’s production choices so far and possibilities for All 6s and 7s.

“I just chose 7 beats as of now. The first two I got from a producer in St Louis named Koko. The other five I got from M80, she’s really dope. I’m lookin for some more tracks. I want a Rick Ross track, I want something from Psycho Ram, I want Sick Jackin. I’m looking to get Hi Tek to do something for me. This is my big album.”

On his die-hard fan base:

“We count the pictures that come in of tattoos that are Strange Music related. At last count in January of this year, there were 3,680-something kids with tattoos of either Tech N9ne or Strange Music on them. It’s like some wild cult following. This is like the Grateful Dead movement. I love the fact that people love this music so much that they’re puttin it on their bodies permanently–for life!”

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