Big Scoob Confronts New Tour Manager [Video]

Oct 18 2010

Once Big Scoob gets rolling, the Damn Fool just can’t stop! Here’s a clip taken from the Independent Grind Tour of Scoob confronting the new tour manager over his mishaps behind the sound board during a couple of the shows. As it turns out, the new guy missed a few cues and started some songs early or late. This stuff happens, but Scoob takes the opportunity to break him in with some pointed criticisms. Tech can be heard laughing hysterically throughout Scoob’s rant, as Scoob pummels the tour manager with jokes at his expense. This clip gives you a perfect glimpse into life on tour outside of the stage, as well as Big Scoob after a few drinks, available exclusively only on Strange Music Blogs. Be on the lookout for part two of this epic rant to be posted this week!