Brotha Lynch Hung Strange Days Tour Highlights [Video]

Oct 15 2010

Make sure to check out this highlight reel we put together with footage taken from the Strange Days Tour! In this clip you’ll see the Strange Music crew tearing it up from stage to stage all across the country, bringing audiences the livest hip hop show around. The reel starts with Tech N9ne and fam as they pummel the crowds with heavy doses of machine gun lyricism and remarkable choreography. After that, it’s time for Spydaman, as Brotha Lynch Hung embarks on his first national tour in almost a decade. As you can tell, for Lynch it wasn’t a thing: he slips into the role of crowd mover as easily as riding a bike.

This exclusive video features much footage on stage and off, giving you a glimpse of the historic Strange Days Tour that featured the re-emergence of one of hip hop’s siccest MCs: Brotha Lynch Hung.