Independent Grind Tour Update: Eugene, Oregon

Oct 5 2010

So last night’s show in Portland was of stellar quality and after a good night’s sleep (more or less) we find ourselves in Eugene to begin a night of high expectations. After spending two days in Eugene last week promoting the show, I am in great anticipation of a sold out event. Some coffee and time to get ready and we are off to the venue again. Tonight’s show is being held at the McDonald Theater in Eugene, located at 1010 Willamette St and the buzz around town is infectious. I am happy to hear that we are about to enjoy a sold out show and glad the team’s hard work has paid off (thanks Robbie and Forest).

The night started with a very relaxed and laid back meet and greet for the fans and the vibe for the night started out well. Fans seemed really excited to say whats up and to get a few pictures taken and the artists were very grateful for the love and appreciation from their fans. I noticed a larger crowed of female fans at t his show then the previous one. Tech and Strange Music sure have the love from the ladies in Eugene. Also with the college nearby there were many very attractive girls for mens viewing pleasure.
The night began again with Knothead and Tragedy 503 doing new music from their soon to come fourth album. I talked to the people around the venue and word is they are excited for the new release and I heard rumors from fans about a DVD featuring Tech N9ne and Strange Music artists being released from Tragedy in the future. The performance was on point and I am finding that these guys never disappoint on stage.

Next to the stage was Glasses Malone. His show tonight was impressive and I enjoyed the songs and I enjoyed his style on stage. As a fairly new G. Malone fan, I am beginning to think I may be buying more of his music in the future. Fans can see more of what he has to offer by clicking here.

I went outside for a quick break and noticed that hundreds of people were outside, unable to get a ticket due to the sold out show. I was in awe by the amount of fans in Eugene since the last visit and realized Eugene needs a bigger venue for Strange Music to accommodate all these devoted fans. It was awesome and showed me how much they have grown in just the last year alone.

I came back in to see Jay Rock coming on the stage. His set was bumping! I was excited to see him on stage again and I am very happy Strange Music picked him up. He has a great style and I spent a moment talking with him back stage at the Portland Show. He seemed like a real down to earth guy and was exceptionally talented.

Then to my excitement E-40 came up top the stage again. This Bay Area superstar gave a great show and keeps the crowd rocking the whole way through. He killed the crowd with “Tell Me When To Go” and got the girls shaking their money makers. It is easy to see why he is such a rap legend and that the fans love seeing him.

Finally, after a great start Tech N9ne takes the stage. The crowd went crazy and the show was unbelievable. The mood inside was almost like a wild family reunion. Everyone was singing along, girls were going crazy, shaking their bodies like they were having a seizure, and showing so much love for the label. Glasses Malone graced the stage again with Tech to perform a song from the The Gates Mixed Plate. Kutt tore it up with his amazing dance moves, Krizz sent me into an “Anxiety” I could not find relief from, and Scoob had the whole venue saying “Salue”. The night was beyond expectation and the crowd screamed for Tech to go on. The show was above average and gave the Portland Show a run for its money. I’m seeing sold out shows for Eugene’s future and I am sure that Techn9cians will be talking about the show for days to come. This is my last stop on the tour, I’m heading home to family and friends (and my 9-5 job) but will not let go of the great time I had with the guys. It is always a pleasure and until we meet again!