Tech And Makzilla Explain ‘The Killer Clown’

Oct 28 2010

Given that Halloween is only days away we thought it would be good to hear some hood tales from members of the Strange Music crew. Tech N9ne has often referred to “The Killer Clown” in his songs, so we asked him and Makzilla what The Killer Clown was all about. Not to be confused with John Wayne Gacy, the “Killer Clown” from Chicago that was convicted of the murder and rape of 33 young men, Tech N9ne and Makzilla refer to Kansas City’s own hood legend that would drive around town and randomly snatch kids off the streets–kids that would never be found again. Tech explains:

“When we were children, when I was ten, there was a myth in Kansas City that a guy in a yellow van named The Killer Clown would go kidnap kids from school–from Southeast, from Southwest, from Bingham…from wherever. Everybody was petrified. All the kids were scared to the effect that anybody driving a yellow van could have been The Killer Clown–like this guy at the end of my block. He was a loner and he had a yellow van, so everybody thought it was him. The shit never got produced though, so the mystique of it all drove everybody crazy.”

Makzilla shares his second-hand knowledge of The Killer Clown:

“The rumor was that he was snatching little kids, killing little kids, raping them and all this shit. I can’t remember if it was a white van or a white ice cream truck but [Krizz and Tech] used to tell us this shit! I really thought, and even to this day think it’s a real story. I don’t know if it’s real or fake but they told it to us so much that it seemed real. Our perception might have created it. It definitely kept us away from the ice cream trucks though.”

The Killer Clown has yet to be spotted or captured. If you happen to see a maniacal clown in a white/yellow van, DO NOT attempt to detain him: a) you could be putting your life in danger or b) it could just be a Juggalo.