Big Scoob Featured In Jay Rock’s ‘Walk With Me’ [Song]

Nov 29 2010

In case you missed it, Jay Rock leaked the Black Friday mixtape last week, a collection of tracks with its eyes and ears firmly set on the streets. What better artist to have guest on a track this mixtape than Big Scoob, the self-proclaimed catalyst of an entire gutter movement? Scoob, who’s been sounding stronger on every verse since the last, lays it down over the chilled-out music on “Walk With Me”, a beat that sounds like it was meant for a Death Row record circa 93. With conviction and an undercurrent of menace, Scoob lays down the law, letting people know that the gutter struggle is universal: “Aint much difference in my gutter than them them Watts gutters / only difference, in my gutter I’m the motherfucker.” For fans waiting until the release of Damn Fool, “Walk With Me” is a welcome gift indeed.

Click here to download your free copy of the Black Friday mixtape which includes “Walk With Me”.