EXCLUSIVE: Lynch Speaks From The Dungeon

Nov 11 2010

For the past few months, Brotha Lynch Hung has been off the radar and for now he wouldn’t have it any other way. Currently Lynch is in the lab recording Coathanga Strangla, the sequel to his lurid and compelling Strange Music debut Dinner and a Movie. After months of attempts, we were finally able to get ahold of Lynch for this exclusive interview. Lynch discussed Coathanga Strangla, the recent diss from T-Nutty, his plans for touring, and more.

It’s been awhile since we’ve last talked. What have you been up to in the past few months?

Really just working on this Coathanga Strangla album. Obviously I’ve gotta top Dinner and a Movie which I really feel like I’m doing–lyrically and music-wise too. I’ve basically just been going hard on this. I’m the type of artist that–man, I need to be in the dungeon. I don’t really talk to a lot of people just so I can make this album right.

When you say topping the previous album: I remember in our last interview you said how making an album like this, in the form of an audio movie, kind of inhibits your ability to be as lyrical as you would like to be. Do you think having went through this process will help you make this album better than the last?

Yes. When I had the idea of doing these three albums to become one movie I pretty much had everything in my head. The only hard thing about it is you want to show off your lyrical skills too. What I learned from doing this is that it’s a tiny bit harder to show off your full lyrical skills while doing subject albums like this one. Not saying that I don’t like doing it, but I can’t wait to get done with these three albums so I can go back to just really showing off my lyrics.

When you’re making a subject album like this I imagine that you try to take on the character of who you’re representing.

Yes. I’m definitely him. When I’m writing this album I’m definitely him. I’m not a father, I’m not a boyfriend–I’m straight up him right now and I try to stay in that frame of mind.

Does this make things hard on the people around you?

It’s definitely hard on the people around me but as long as I have my certain hours of the day it usually works out.

As far as producers and collaborators, who’s new and who’s coming back?

Well you know Seven–you gotta have Seven. He’s amazing. As far as people returning from Dinner and a Movie–DJ Epic, he did “Sit In That Corner B**ch“, he has a couple of cuts on there. Axis, he returned from Dinner and a Movie. I need about four more beats and I don’t know what producers they’re going to come from so…still kinda looking. The album is about done and coming out beautifully.

Do you foresee it being better than Dinner and a Movie?

Well I’m in comfortable with Strange now so it’s definitely better–I’m back in my mode. With Dinner and a Movie I was with a new situation so I had all that weighing down on me and everything but now that I’m comfortable–oh, it’s just coming out and it’s going to be better. I feel that it’s better already.

Last time we talked it was while you were on the Strange Days Tour. Before that you had some apprehension about being on stage since you hadn’t done it in so long, but on the tour you said it felt great again once you got into the swing of things. Do you foresee yourself wanting to get out there again anytime soon?

Yeah….what I really learned from that tour is that I have to make my show a little better. I’ve been concentrating on that and I’ve had a lot of time since I had to pass up the Krizz Kaliko tour–part of that was that I needed to get my show together better. I need a lot more stuff. I learned a lot from Tech N9ne: he’s a master at it. I’m putting all that together now but I also wanted to do some of my older stuff too. So yes, I would love to get out there and do it again but I do have to put together the perfect show and I have to really really know it really good. After that I’ll be ready to go.

As far as putting on a better show, what do you need to do to make that happen?

Crowd participation type things. Just getting the crowd hyped during songs and in between songs.

Any theatrics? I know you said you were kind of taking notes from Tech and he does a lot.

Yeah definitely but just in a different way. I want to give them a different show than Tech but I still want them to feel the same intensity.

What do you have going on with the Madesicc label? What can we look forward to with that?

We just released COS’s album on iTunes only because we had to push back the physical release. He had a sample on it, so we had to push that back. It’s doing alright on iTunes right now. People are supporting it. Like I’ve said before, I’m learning from Trav a little bit on how to run a business. It’s starting out slow right now. My main thing is doing the Strange stuff–trying to get my name back out there to help the label.

When do you plan on having Coathanga Strangla out?

We’re looking at April right now. I’ll be done in January so it’s really up to Trav.

On a recent tip, I heard T-Nutty just put out a diss song directed towards you. What’s that about? Who is T-Nutty and why is he writing a diss towards you?

T-Nutty is a dude from my neighborhood. He’s been really wanting to do a song with me and for me to get on his album for a long time. You know Strange though: Strange has you working all the time so I did tell him I would get on it but I’ve just gotta find a window. I guess he just got tired of waiting. He thinks I’m helping everybody else out and not helping him–and he’s always wanted to battle me. I’m at the top of their hood and you know, you always want to take out the teacher I guess. It’s partly that and partly that he wanted me to get on his album.

So it’s nothing really deeper than that then.

No. It’s not going to be no funk situation where we’re funking with each other or nothing…at least in my eyes!

What are your plans after you’ve finished recording the album?

I dunno! After I get done with this album, I’m gonna turn it into Trav and hopefully we’ll have some type of meeting and plan out next year.

How’s the screenwriting going?

Oh good good! I’m pretty much almost done with one of them. I’m taking my time because I really don’t have nowhere to go with them yet but I do want them to be really really deep. Nobody wants to see a scary movie that just goes “Boo!”– you know what I mean? I’m making sure it aint that type of scary movie. I also have one about my life that I’m writing too.

Well that about wraps it up. A lot of fans just want to know what you’ve been up to so I appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Tell ’em I’m in the dungeon!