Favorite Kutt Calhoun Album? [Poll]

Nov 12 2010

Now that Raw and Un-Kutt has been out for awhile and has had a chance to settle in everybody’s system, we thought it’d be a good time to get an objective opinion as to what fans think is the best album from Bloody Kutty’s catalog. Here are your choices. (808 drum roll…)

B.L.E.V.E. – The album that taught us how to “Keep It Keebler”, Kutt’s debut features a conscious edge to go with his fun-loving personality. The album, whose title stands for Boiling Liquid Expanding Vicious Explosion, features cuts like “N A Whitemanzeyez”, “Hip Hop Warning”, and “Goldberg”.

Feature Presentation – Kutt’s sophomore effort jumps off with the smash single “Bunk Rock Bitch”, which has since become a Strange Music classic, in which Kutt (aided by a soaring hook by Krizz Kaliko) confesses his need for tour bus recreation. This CD also features “I See It” which as become a staple of the Strange Music live show, in which Tech and Kutt show off their dance moves in homage to the late great Michael Jackson.

Raw And Un-KuttTake a dive into The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with Kutt Calhoun’s latest CD. This album features the debaucherous stripper anthem “Naked” as well as “Dark Knights” featuring a sick guest spot by Strange Music label mate Brotha Lynch Hung.