Liquid 9′s Frankie Oviedo Talks Strange Music Merch

Nov 30 2010

As the Strange Giving sale lives on for another week, we wanted to take the time and get another designer’s perspective on Strange Music merchandise. Enter Liquid 9 co-owner Frankie Oviedo, one of the main designers of Strange Music merchandise. Here’s what he had to say.

Working for Strange Music: “It’s great that all the artists have such different sensibilities and that there’s so much to pull from in terms of what makes sense for them. Tech is a really interesting and intriguing guy to design for because he has such a wide artistic range. There is so much to pull from in when building his artwork. It’s not everyday that you find artists who are so layered.”

Designing for different artists: “A lot of times we like to sit down with the artists and interact with them to get a sense of either what their music is about and try to pull a lot of different directions from that conversation whether it be song titles or things that are directly related to their music. Kutt is different from Tech who’s different from Krizz who’s different from Lynch. Our goal is to visually articulate what their vibe is and what their aura is. We want to pull that out and put it into their merch so that in each piece you can tell the specific characteristics of that artist. That’s our biggest goal when doing a lot of this. It’s very deliberate. We’re not just a bunch of artists here creating stuff out of the blue, we’re here to craft a specific vision.”

Merch items Frankie is proud of: “Its an older shirt called “The Ultimate Skull”, still one of my favorites. Basically, it’s a whole bunch of objects that together form a giant skull. It was really fun to work on and an interesting piece of image making.

“There’s a few Lynch ones that are also really cool. Especially some of the Rorschach stuff. Lynch is one of those artists that has a crazy palette to draw from. We’ve done a lot of mirrored stuff with him, a lot of duality-based things and they’ve always turned out to be very interesting. He draws from the whole horrorcore thing and there’s a lot of cool stuff you can pull from there.”

These items and many more are available at 50% off until December 7. Click here or on the items below to visit the Strange Music Store and stock up today!