Thanksgiving With Kutt Calhoun

Nov 25 2010

What’s Thanksgiving like for an elite MC? For a more personal bit, we asked Tech, Kutt, and Krizz some questions centered around the holiday that brings us all together for some good eating. Here’s what Kutt had to say.

What are you the most thankful for this year?
I’m most thankful for being able to wake up today. I feel blessed that I haven’t had to work a nine-to-five job since about 2002 so I feel blessed to be able to still be in the position that I’m in and that I even woke up this morning. I feel like being humble, true to yourself, and true to God because God is the reason we’re all here. I feel blessed that I even woke up and that I’m able to continue what I’m doing now. Just me being able to talk to you right now alone makes me thankful enough along with the success I’ve reached by doing this music with Strange and being able to reach the people that I’ve been out here with. That’s what I’m the most thankful for. I’m most thankful for waking up, having my breath, having my close ones–the people that love me, the people that I love, family and friends. That’s all I’m thankful for because everything else is going to automatically come with it. Trust in yourself and trust in God, keep it real with yourself, everything else is going to fall right in place.

What are some of the traditions that you and your family have for Thanksgiving?
I didn’t grow up in a tight, close-knit family or whatever but I do have step-families and my mom now–our relationship is growing bigger to where we have dinner at her house every other Sunday. We cherish that and take advantage of that because we didn’t always have that. We have Thanksgiving at my uncles’ houses and just enjoy life man. Thanksgiving is good eatin’: you got dirty rice with my adopted family–they’re all Creole–they got the dirty rice cookin’, the monkey bread. My mom has the traditional Thanksgiving with stuffing, and the macaroni and cheese from scratch, the ham, the turkey, the roast beef, greens–everything man! We just cherish the time we have together because tomorrow is never promised.

Favorite Thanksgiving dishes?
Dressing man! I love Thanksgiving dressing! It only comes around once a year. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Dirty rice. If you aint had that dirty rice you need to go get a dose of it real soon–it’s so good. Of course some cranberry sauce and I like to drink egg nog on Thanksgiving.

What was your most memorable or best Thanksgiving?
I want to say the best Thanksgiving I had was the last one I had before my grandmother passed away. She was my ace boon coon man. The one that I was the closest with through all my life. Rest In Peace Mary Jo Calhoun. It was in ’06 and that was my last memory of her. It was just a Thanksgiving at her house because it was such a tradition to go there every year since I was a baby. That was the best Thanksgiving I’ve ever had. She fixed all the food–she was like on Soul Food. Big Mama? That was her, she was Big Mama.

Relative you look forward to seeing on Thanksgiving?
It was like my Grandmother but now I just enjoy seeing all my family. The time that I have home now, since I have kids and my wife has a daughter, when I’m not spending time with them I try to spend as much time with everyone outside my immediate family because I have so many loved ones that care about me, I have to reach out to them. So no one in particular. I’m just happy to see them when I get a chance to see them. I have to take advantage of it because usually I’ll be home trying to chillax but I realized that I can sleep when I die so I need to take as many moments as possible to reach out to everyone that I know that cares about me and that I care about.

Who cuts the turkey?
If they don’t give it to me and put me on the spot it’s probably my ma.

Sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie?
I’m a sweet potato pie man.

Cool Whip or no?
Cool Whip or none, it doesn’t matter! It just depends if it’s around. If it’s not: out of sight, out of mind.

What does Thanksgiving mean to you?
It’s like Christmas to me but a little bit different. Thanksgiving is a day where, if you haven’t been close to your family all year, Thanksgiving is that one day when everybody can come together no matter what you’re doing or where you’re at. Loved ones and friends come together over a good meal and conversation, catching up and just enjoying each other’s company. Cherish that day and know that you’re fortunate enough to be blessed with a family and people that love you. There’s people less fortunate out there who have to eat in shelters and soup kitchens that don’t even get to enjoy a nice meal with their family. Thanksgiving is the day that you should be thankful for the food and the opportunity given to you to be able to enjoy it with your loved ones.